Career Coaching

No matter where you are in your career, it is a great time to look at behaviors that are holding you back or for jobs that best fit your unique strengths. You may already be there and are not putting your unique strengths to work for you. Find out how a certified career strategist can cost effectively get you into your dream job.

Business Consulting

Trying to do more with less money and people? Are communication issues getting in the way of teamwork and efficient performance? A business consultant with over 25 years of engineering experience can help you quickly find the way to effective communication and outstanding performance.

Workshops for Skill Enhancement

If you or your team need to sharpen leadership skills; learn tips and tools that you can immediately put to use. Find the workshops that will catapult your engineers from good to great.

Women Specific Workshops

Being pulled in too many directions? Trying to manage your work, family, and other life's pressures can be difficult to manage. In these women-specific workshops learn excersises to balance these aspects of life while focusing on yourself as well.

My career has evolved from a transportation design engineer through the corporate board room to a trainer and coach of engineers searching for ways to make a bigger difference in the world. I have helped many individuals hone their skills necessary to provide outstanding project management, excellent client service, and the ability to develop others.

I have coached clients, peers, and subordinates to discover the unique value they have to offer the world and ways to offer their value to benefit all. I have provided coaching for engineers as a partner through their strengths discernment and job searches providing guidance, support, accountability and speed to the process.

I have served as an Executive Board member of a national engineering firm and Board member of non-profit organizations. These positions have honed my facilitation and leadership skills and developed my ability to train others to be strong leaders in the engineering industry.