Do you need to change course in career?

Do you feel like you need a promotion?

Don't know how to land your dream job?

A career coach can help you figure out the answers to these questions. I work as a strategist in order to help you figure out what your long-term goals and ambitions are while providing a framework on how to reach them. I can act as a hands on coach keeping you on track, or more hands off and provide with you my experienced opinions, experiences, and ideas. Working together we can reach your goals while also providing lifelong plans and ideas to keep you on the top of your chosen field.

Executive Level Services

Executive level positions are limited and searches for the right personal and cultural fit require diligence and truthful self identity. Working with a career coach will speed the process when you are ready to make a commitment to the work involved. If we mutually agree we are a good fit to work together on your job search, we will develop the best package and investment for your circumstances.

Professional Level Services

Whether you are seeking a promotion, career guidance, or a fresh start at a new company I can teach you valuable skills to attain those goals. We will work on your networking skills, resume building, presentations, salary negotiations, and anything else you may wish to work on. The workplace is a very dynamic environment and one that you need to be constantly learning new skills and sharpening those skills that you already have.

Student/Young Professional Services

Starting out in a new career field can be a nervewracking experience, but with help and guidance that experience can be wonderful and extremely enriching. Let me help you develop your skills in public speaking, resume and cover letter building, networking, and interviewing. If you are having trouble finding a job I can help you hone your job searches specific to your experiences, skills, and goals. Let me help you make the transition from academia to the professional world an enjoyable and enriching experience.