I am available for speaking engagements, workshops, and retreats for engineers and women who want to deepen and improve their personal strengths and self knowledge.

Team Building Workshops

Have you downsized or reorganized your company?

Let's design a workshop with ideas and activities focused specifically to improve you and your team's efficiency and communication. Your team will practice active listening, organization, and collaboration to overcome the challenges you face as well as increasing productivity.

Stress Management Workshops

Feeling overwhelmed?

Stress getting to you?

Feeling out of control?

Learn how to manage the physical effects of stress with exercise, good nutrition and deep sleep. Learn these key skills and walk away feeling in control of your life and ready to tackle the challenges that await you.

Active Listening Workshops

Put the 4R's of listening to work for you and your organization. In this workshop you will assess your own listening skill level and develop a simple set of practices specifically designed for you that will enable you to continually improve your skill at listening and understanding. Your customers, colleagues, and family will notice and appreciate the results.

Learning Objectives

The key to real listening

Developing a set of practices for continual improvement

Improvement of your listening skills

Demonstrating that you've heard and understood

Women Specific Workshops

“My retreat with you was just what I needed. Thank you for providing me with the opportunity to become renewed, revitalized and refreshed. It was truly a remarkable experience that made me think deeply and carefully about my life voyage.”

Mary Sullivan, Bigfork, MT

Designed especially for busy women, our retreats include nourishing exersises for the mind, body, and spirit that will enable you to better nurture those your love and protect. We offer offer retreats in the famed Crown of the Continent area with hikes in beautiful Glacier National Park while focusing on developing leadership skills and self awareness.